If you were to attend CITYLIGHTS on any given Sunday, you would hear Lead Pastor Chris Armfield and Equipping Pastor Oliver Wong quote and/or referrence many scholars and theologians who have greatly influenced their walk with Jesus. Here are a few of their recommendations of books that have greatly impacted them: 

Chris Armfield's Recommendations:

1. The Deep Things of God, How the Trinity Changes Everything: Fred Sanders: Best book I've read on the trinity. Heady but if you have time to read and re-read this is a very "full" presentation. 

2. Hearing God, Dallas Willard: Maybe the most effective book for leading those who have never heard from God while at the same time uncompromisingly leading those who already are experiencing regular intimacy with God.

3. Sabbath, Dan Allendar: Clear, honest, and convincing recovery of a biblical sabbath under grace.

4. Knowing God, J.I. Packer: This is a theological classic for all levels of understanding.

5. Meaning of Marriage, Tim Keller: Quite possibly the best book I've ever read on marriage. This is not just a "how to", this book explains the "why's" of marriage as well. 

6. Imitation of Christ, Sir Thomas A' Kempis: This book became my favorite read when I began walking with Jesus. To this day the perspectives from the Imitation of Christ continue to mark my life. 

Oliver Wong's Recommendations

1. Building a Discipleship Culture, Mike Breen: This book is helpful as a mission and discipleship tool.

2. Compelled by Love, Heidi Baker: A clear and compelling vision for pure ministry: stopping to love the one in front of you.

3. Keep Your Love On, Danny Silk: A needed book on the journey to wholeness and wholeheartedness.