As of July 28th, CITYLIGHTS is migrating its database, tithing (web and texting), and phone app service to Planning Center (PCO). PCO is a church software CITYLIGHTS has used to organize volunteers since we’ve started. Recently PCO has extended it’s services to allow the church to save money and time by bundling our database, tithe (text and web), and phone app services to them.

There are a few things we are asking all CITYLIGHTS members and attenders to do by July 28th to make this transition happen.

For any questions, please feel free to contact Timothy Bayne at tbayne@citylights.cc.


giving update

Cancel your recurring web giving through Moon Clerk HERE.

Cancel your text giving with Tithely, by texting the word “CANCEL” or “CANCEL AUTO” for recurring payments to 864-397-9928.

Set up web giving with PCO by clicking HERE.


Set up “Text to Give” with PCO by texting any dollar amount to the number 84321.

***Please note that we will be sending ALL 2019 giving statements at the end of the year for any tithes and offering given through any platform.

For any further information, please contact us at accounting@citylights.cc

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database update

Help us update our database for 2019/2020 by completing this CITYLIGHTS General Information Survey HERE.

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Download and familiarize yourself with our CITYLIGHTS Church Center App HERE. We will be keeping the info section of the app current and parents can use the app to check in children starting July 7th.

1) Download the Church Center App.

2) Look up our church CITYLIGHTS and tap the one with our logo.

3) Create your profile.

4) Add any financial information you use to give to our church so that you can use the app to give.