My past does not define me as a person. My God is a God of love, a love as vast as an ocean and as soft as a candle in a dark room. Superficial gratification from men and women’s approval means nothing to me. My pride in how I look, dress, and present myself does not define me.

I am made whole through Christ, and I am accepted by Him. That is all I need. My God looks at me and says, “You are my child, and pride does not define you.” I’ve given areas of deeply rooted jealousy and mistrust to The Lord, for mistrust and jealousy are not of Him. The Lord broke me. He broke me to have nothing, so I can have everything.

He gave me a joy, a peace, a soft heart – a heart that cries because of His work in others, a happiness that is in Christ. Because of this fact, I look at individuals all the same. Love is not jealous. It is not self-seeking. Love seeks out the good in people instead of seeking out the bad. Love is patient. It is kind. Being broken only makes you find your true self and your identity in Him. For when I had nothing…I now have EVERYTHING, because my God IS my everything.

Hate captivated my soul, and made me bitter. I saw only myself. I saw my own heart and not hers. Selfishness was at the core, and it’s not anymore. Time has not healed. Healing came though Christ. To forgive and forget is not just a phrase, but it’s my lifestyle. I have been made whole through Christ. I have found the presence of the living God.

For when I was away in my sin, He was always there to welcome me and breathe incredible words of life into me. He said, “I know the plans I have for you, plans to give you hope to give you a future, trust in me, for you will be and do great things. I love you. Son, do not forget my incredible love. My love is sufficient. Model me, for your past does not define you, and your future you lies in my hands.

Your heart is beautiful. Over and over I heard my FATHER say,

“Your heart is beautiful now. Your heart is beautiful.”

This post was written by Aaron Barnett, a Resonate young professional.