When Austin and Lindsay Phillips joined CITYLIGHTS in June 2015, they came with a passion for fostering an environment for young adults who are wanting to get connected within the church and grow in their relationship with God. Their desire is to build deep relationships with young professionals as they provide spiritual guidance and support. These two individuals are incredible people who have immensely blessed our CITYLIGHTS community, and our staff is excited for you to get to know them!

Tiffany: What’s your story? How did you end up in Greenville and at CITYLIGHTS?

Austin: I am from Arkansas, Lindsay is from NC. We met in school in OK. After Reagan (our first daughter) was born we moved to NC to be closer to Lindsay's family. The company I work for had an opportunity in Greenville back in 2009 so we took that and moved here. We were looking for a church to join up with this past year and felt like CITYLIGHTS was the place God had for us. So we started attending in June of this year.

Tiffany: What’s something encouraging God is doing or speaking into your life right now?

Austin: His faithfulness through every season in life. We have really been growing in our understanding of just how much He cares for us. 

Tiffany: What do you and the family like to do for fun?

Austin: We enjoy going on long walks or short hikes at parks. We like hanging out downtown. Really enjoy going to the beach.

Tiffany: What’s the biggest adventure you've been on?

Austin: My biggest adventure so far was a missions trip to Russia in the winter. It was my second trip and got to be a part of a pretty awesome crusade in Pscov and St Petersburg. Lindsay's biggest adventure was a missions trip with Rhema to a remote village in the mountains in Mexico. No running water and way away from civilization. Lots of adventure, but the fun part was seeing God show up in very miraculous ways through healing and salvations.

Tiffany: What’s your favorite book of all time?

Austin: This is a really hard question because I really like a lot of books. Most read would be Robinson Crusoe and Silas Marner (I got it down to two and really need to list several others) I feel like I slighted some others that I really like. :( Lindsay’s is Francine Rivers Mark of the Lion triology. She said, “There is not just one book, and it is hard to pick.”

Tiffany: Favorite movie?

Austin: Lindsay and I both like Warrior.

Tiffany: Favorite band?

Austin: Mine is David Crowder Band, and Lindsay’s is Coldplay.

Tiffany: What can people who come hangout with you at the Young Professionals events expect? What's coming up next? 

Austin: The next event will be a New Year's Eve party at our house.  We will have lots of great food, games, fireworks, and some great time just hanging out. We will also close out the year with communion and some prayer. It is an event we have come to be very fond of and hope to get to meet many new people!

To learn more about Young Professionals or the New Years Eve gathering click here.

- Interview by Tiffany Deluccia, CITYLIGHTS Volunteer, and composed by Sidney Ann Fowler, CITYLIGHTS Staff