I'm learning...

I'm learning that it's better to move forward than it is to look back.  

I'm learning that letting go of past mistakes and sins is far greater than being hindered by those foolish decisions. 

I'm learning that God develops character not from everything going well or according to plan, but through the mishaps, failures, and disappointing experiences in life.   

I'm learning that with age comes not only gray hair, but the opportunity to truly lead and disciple from experience, knowledge, and even brokenness.

I'm learning that I don't know what I don't know and I'm totally fine with that and have no need to pretend anymore.

I'm learning that old school hip-hop will never make a comeback and that is clear sign of the Fall.

I'm learning that listening to an individual's story and experiences is worth more to me than communicating my own demented autobiography.

I'm learning that simply enjoying God is better than constantly complaining about what could be or even should be.

I'm learning that how we live in the present always affects how we will live in the future.

I'm learning that selfishness sucks and that being sacrificial in all of life is truly worth it.

I'm learning that the "real us" is found through the abandonement of friends, lost loves, poor business decisions, and hopelessness in times of failure.

I'm learning that multi-tasking is a fallacy and that it's better to focus on one thing at a time.

I'm learning that there is more to being a man than simply getting married and providing for your family.

I'm learning that Satan is real and he is active and every day he needs a punch in the face.

I'm learning that laziness is anti-Gospel and Jesus mourns when bumming around becomes the norm.

I'm learning that obedience to God is a good thing despite what some preachers and Christian writers say.

I'm learning that some people are just jaded, broken, and hurt and that shouldn't be held against them.

I'm learning that I'd rather lead and live out of my strengths rather than pretend that I have no weaknesses.

I'm learning that being in the background is better than being in the foreground.

I'm learning that my wife is typically right and that's a good thing.

I'm learning that my best years are in front of me and not behind me.

I'm learning that I wasted far too much time in my life and I should exhort others to not do the same.

I'm learning that being a part of the GenX generation has been a liability rather than a blessing. 

I'm learning that high school and college mattered and they can build integrity, deep friendships, and spiritual maturation.

I'm learning that my two little girls have had more to do with my personal holiness than anybody else.

I'm learning that people like their story better than the real story, but they still need to be loved and heard.

I'm learning that the Holy Spirit moves in ways that can't be explained, but I foolishly tried to for many years.

I'm learning that I need Jesus more today than I did yesterday and will need need Him even more tomorrow.

I'm learning that the Father loves me for me and that's pretty dang cool.

I'm learning a lot...