At one point or another in life, we find ourselves anxious, worried, or in turmoil due to various circumstances or situations. I tend to identify this feeling with being unsettled in my spirit, and as I look back over the years at unsettling moments in my life, I begin to see a common denominator…

The Unknown.

Focusing on unknown information, outcomes, and any other unknown factor leads us to "what if's", speculations, and irrational thoughts and fears which drive anxious and worried emotions. 

To combat this, we make ourselves investigators, trying to control and manipulate situations in hopes of learning the unknown. In reality, this only spins a greater web creating more casualties with people. We will never be able to control or capture the unknowns of life. However, we serve and love a God who has made Himself known by bringing forth truth, life, and security. 

In reading Joshua 1:1-9, I couldn't help but think how worried or scared Joshua might have been when leading the Israelites into the promise land. When Joshua was commissioned by God, we must remember that the Israelites were not fresh on the scene, they had been wondering in the desert for 40 years and were growing anxious for the promised resting place. Joshua had all eyes and pressure on him, as they had no clue what lied ahead on the other side of the river. As the Lord was commissioning him, He gave Joshua everything he needed to lead the Israelites despite of the things unknown:

1. Direction- (vs. 2) God clearly told Joshua where to lead the people.

2. SUPPORT- (vs. 3-6) God clearly communicated that He had made a way for Joshua, and the Lord spoke promises to and over him. "To" meaning the promise is received now, and "over" meaning the promise is to come.

3. STIRRING Commands- (vs. 7-8) God gives provoking and challenging commands that will act as guides for each step in following His direction. He tells Joshua to keep His commands and law, not turning away to the right or to the left, and to meditate on the scripture day and night. 

4. SENDING Commission- (vs. 2 and 9) God declares He is with you wherever you are sent.

God led Joshua through the unknowns by having him ultimately keep his focus on the Lord, a task that requires strength and courage. If it were easy, I don't think God would have told Joshua to be strong and courageous as many times as He did, each time reminding Joshua to fix his gaze on God. While it may not be an easy road, you can walk confidently and securely in the fact that God leads you to where the He is taking you.

My stirring questions for you:

1. Where is your focus? On the unknown or the known Lord God Almighty?

2. What next steps do you need to take to set your gaze on God?

I commission you to go in the name of Jesus by fixing your eyes upon Him and binding His word and truth to your life through SEEKING, SATURATING and SURRENDERING.

-By Sidney Ann Fowler, CITYLIGHTS Staff