Community is rarely found on accident.

In reality is it something you build through personal investment in others by the giving of your time, talent, and treasure. And yet, more people come or go from churches, jobs, living situations, etc. based on whether or not they feel connection with a purpose or people. If connection matters that greatly, then perhaps it deserves our sweat equity. What if community was right before you, waiting for you to take a step?

Not sure of your next step? Here are the top 5 ways to build community within our church:

1. Stop by Next Steps to introduce yourself and let us know you are here

It is our heart and hope to meet you! In fact, we are always looking for you to say welcome and to help you take a step in getting connected. Please stop by Next Steps, located in the lobby on Sundays, and let us know you are visiting with us!

2. Join a CITYgroup TODAY

Over 50% of our church gathers on a weekly basis in homes across the city to connect and grow in our small group environments. Whether young or old or you love Jimmy Fallon or the deep study of James in the bible, there is a group for you! We are consistently hearing testimonies of life change and the building of deep friendships through our CITYgroups.

3. Attend the next FirstLook or CITYlife

If you are new gathering with us at CITYLIGHTS, we want to invite you to attend FirstLook. This is where you will get to meet the staff and we will meet you. You will also learn about our mission and values and what we believe as a church. If you have been gathering with us for a while and have begun to invest in growing with us at CITYLIGHTS, then I want to invite you to CITYlife. This is an environment where you are going to go from being a thriving friend to a vital family member who literally helps us build the church.

4. Begin serving

It is through serving that you will grow closer with those on your team, meet new people, and find fulfillment in using your time and talents to bring glory to the Lord. There is a place for you and we need you to help us build the church through EXTENDing the Kingdom of Heaven.

5. Participate in a community event

Equipping Environments, picnics, worship nights, and service/community outreach days, are great ways to meet new people. Helping you connect with others is part of the reason we create events like these. As a community we gather to EXALT Jesus, EQUIP one another to be and make disciples and to EXTEND the Kingdom of Heaven alongside each other. We have seen meaningful relationships built through participating in a community event and we hope to see you at an event soon!

We want to connect and to build community with you, so come take your next step with us!

If you unsure of what it looks like to give your time, talent, and treasure, check out one of our previous series A Generous Life where Lead Pastor Chris Armfield discusses just that.

-By Sidney Ann Fowler, CITYLIGHTS Staff