I first met Dustin Chapman when I was a long term substitute teacher at Southside High School. He was kind, passionate, and searching for something more than what he had known up to that point.

The following school year (his senior year), I had him in my first period Probability and Statistics class. Around the second semester of Dustin’s senior year, he and I began to build a relationship filled with rich conversation. Like most conversations between two sincere guys, the topics usually consisted of relationships, God, and just life in general. At this point, Dustin was not following Jesus, but knew there was something or someone out there that created everything. He described himself as agnostic. 

To make a long story short, after months of relationship building Dustin made a decision to follow Jesus and receive the Holy Spirit. Soon after, he found community and family within Illuminate and CITYLIGHTS at large, gave up old habits, got baptized, and began growing in an intimate relationship with his heavenly Father. 

Baptism_Cleveland_Park_Greenville_South Carolina.jpeg

The weeks following Dustin’s salvation, I found him boldly praying for healing over people’s bodies, lovingly encouraging myself when I was down cast, wrestling with hearing God’s voice in his spirit, and putting on the new self. He is a living example of what the Spirit does when He enters a believer.

He makes them a new creation. 

Dustin’s story is just one of many in which a son was brought back into intimacy with his Father. The Father desires intimate relationship with His children and at Illuminate, we (the other Illuminate mentors and I) long for each student to have an intimate relationship with their GOD (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit).  

Do you have or know a student in middle or high school? Encourage them to check out Illuminate. Learn more by clicking here. God is working in the lives of our students.

-- By Andre Griner, Director of Illuminate Student Ministry and CITYcare