It’s been said, “God doesn’t call the equipped, He equips the called.” If this is true it’s good news. Most people feel ill equipped for a role in advancing God’s kingdom. We demonstrate more confidence in advancing relationships, financial portfolios, our health, and even a basic level of spirituality. However, when the banner of God’s kingdom is raised people tend to leave that work–whatever it may be–to the professionals.

This disconnect–mentally and practically–has crippled the Church. I’m not a fan of talking about the problematic situation instead of accepting where we are and discerning how–by God’s grace–we can respond. So, where do we go from here? 

  1. Admit. Is God’s kingdom the number one priority in your life, your year or even your day? How does God’s kingdom impact how you make decisions? Are you even aware of what “God’s kingdom” is and how its advancement works?

    Jesus modeled daily Kingdom advancement as His utmost priority, and He launched the Church to do the same. Let’s accept that–as the commissioned church of Jesus–we have shied away from courageous advancement of His Kingdom. It doesn’t matter who is to blame; acceptance is where true change begins. 
  2. Accept. You’re called by God. He saw you in need. He sees you in need. You are not a pawn game piece in God’s board game. You’re a true child of God. You are coheirs with Christ Jesus. You aren’t defined by what you do.

    As my friend Oliver Wong says, “We aren’t human doings we are human beings.” What prevents you from believing in your being in God over your doing for God? Your calling/being a child of God isn’t lost because of your lack of doing. Accept Jesus’ finished work that brought you redemption and has made you God’s child once and for all. 
  3. Take Action. God’s mercies are new every morning. Today is a day when you can accept your place in God’s family and take action for His kingdom. Taking action begins in the mind. John Calvin once said, “What the mind believes the body achieves.” Sustained and successful action will ride on the rails of a believing mind. 

I challenge you to take a quick inventory of your partnership with God’s Kingdom, and simply admit what has been lacking. Next, accept with open arms who you are in Christ. Lastly, take action in your mind by learning about God’s kingdom before you make a move. Your mind will prepare a more sustainable movement.

-- Chris Armfield, lead pastor of CITYLIGHTS