How extraordinarily God made us: Designed in such a way that in just a few days, we’d literally die if not refueled with food and water. Designed in the same way spiritually, though we’re often oblivious.

This hit me like a wave a few weeks ago: We are such incredibly fragile and needy creatures! And for a touch of irony, the bigger, stronger or more fit we are, the more dependent we feel on food and water to keep us going. Ever started a solid workout routine for a while? Didn’t you get hungrier?

Maybe I’m being dramatic — it takes us a while to hunger or thirst to death. But, just a few hours without food and that pang gets our attention. Our body makes it clear it’s time to refuel. My husband TJ says I get “hangry.”

We have those pangs spiritually, too, but we numb them or offer them synthetic solutions.

Energy drinks to feel alive.

RomComs to feel love.

Ice cream to feel pleasure.

Shopping to feel abundance.

Jokes to feel happy.

Resumes to feel important.

Selfies to feel accepted.

Causes to feel we matter.

Clubs to feel we belong.

Homes to feel security.

Alcohol to feel free.

Vacations to feel peace.

All of it — like feeding mud to the starving. It fills the belly for a few hours but does nothing to save a life. If anything, it only slows the urgency, numbs the senses that would otherwise motivate a search for something deeply nourishing.

All that the senses crave — senses He created — beckon us toward Him. It’s what fasting should remind us — He designed us to miss Him, to need continual connection with Him. Daily.

It’s the blessed dependence that separates the living from the dead and dying.

-- By Tiffany Deluccia, CITYLIGHTS Creative volunteer

Photo via CC0 License.

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